Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Outerbanks Vacation - Part II

Last week I gave you a quite lengthy post about part one of our vacation.  Lots of great sunsets were experienced while on vacation.  Sunsets cannot be prettier anywhere in the world except next to water.  It's breathtaking.

Unfortunately, some days were a little chillier than was okay for the beach or pool so we decided to walk down Duck Rd. to all of the great little boutique stores along the rode.  We found this really quirky art store and this bench was set up outside and Addie wanted to sit with the chickens.

We found a toy store and Addie was immediately drawn to the train table.  She spent a solid 20 minutes playing, we probably could have walked away and she never would have noticed us gone.

Note to self, idea for Christmas present.

This may have been my favorite store.  It was gorgeous.  Everything in this store I wanted, especially if I lived on the beach.  Simply gorgeous.

On Thursday, Rick and I stopped at this cute store while Addie slept called Sweet T's Coffee, Beer and Wine.  They have several different types of beer on tap that you can try out.  Rick had the pumpkin beer.  It was only 11am so I went for the frozen caramel latte.  I loved this store.  So cute and you can purchase beer & wine there, they have tastings several days a week, movies at night, etc.

Friday morning was the nicest day since we arrived and we decided to spend the morning at the beach.  Addie spent her morning chasing birds and playing the sand.  

We headed back to the house for Addie's nap and hung out in the pool and hot tub while she slept.  For dinner I wanted something tasty as our last meal before heading home.  I had my heart set on surf & turf and we heard lots of great things about Awful Arthurs Oyster Bar.  

Simply amazing.  It was delicious.  Addie wasn't really eating anything all week and of course I get my tiny little lobster tail and that's all she wanted.  So I had to share with her (boo!).  The restaurant is situated just across the street from the ocean and there's a small pier with an arcade.  We were going to walk the pier but got sidetracked with the arcade.  Only one game/ride Addie's size and she hated it.  

Lately she's been really scared of things she wasn't before.  She couldn't wait until that ride ended.  

We headed home for the evening and spent the rest of the evening hanging out around the house.

My little baby is such a big girl!

The next morning we packed up our bags, loaded the car and headed to the airport.  Addie did great on both legs of the trip home, even during the 2 hour layover in Baltimore.  My parents sat in the row behind us and my dad let Addie listen to his music when she got antsy.  

Such a great trip and I loved Outerbanks so much.  It's so beautiful there.  We're already planning our next trip sometime next year.


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