Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Product Review: Taggies Baby Sleeper

Just over two weeks in to having Graham at home with us and adjusting to life with a newborn and toddler is a lot to handle at times.  Graham hasn't yet slept in his crib because he's waking a lot throughout the night to nurse so I wanted to keep him close to me.  You know, so I don't have to give up more sleep than I already am.  I had the opportunity to try out the Taggies Baby Sleeper and it's been such a great alternative to the crib.

I love this product as it's small and easy to maneuver throughout the house if I want to move it to the living room during the day or back to our room at night.  The fabric is really soft and the print on the inside of the sleeper is so modern and cute!  I love that's a gender neutral design as I'm always looking for ways to save some cash by using products over for the next baby.

The sleeper also has a built in taggie toy that is situated between the babies legs right over the safety harness so any babies who love rubbing their fingers over tags are in heaven.  The other really cool feature on this sleeper that I haven't seen on others is the vibrating feature on the frame if your baby likes that constant motion.  The Taggies Baby Sleeper is a godsend and Addie loves it because she can peek in on Graham if he's fussing.  She also likes it because it's low enough to the ground that she can climb in and act like a baby too!


NOTE:  I received this product free from kidsii.com however all opinions are completely mine.

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