Monday, October 21, 2013

Graham Month 1

I can't believe it!  My little guy is one month already.  Technically yesterday was his 1 month birthday and he's already changed a bit.  

Stats:  We don't have official stats yet as the one month appointment is scheduled for tomorrow morning though I imagine little guy is right around 10.5lbs.

Sleep Schedule:  We're getting there.  At this point I should be super grateful we are where we are because just a few weeks ago he was waking up after an hour of sleeping to nurse throughout the night.  It was killing me, I nearly had a breakdown as I was exhausted and getting zero sleep.  Last night you had 2 - 3.5 hour stretches followed by a 2 hour.  During the day you're napping about an hour at a time and are awake about 90 minutes in between.  You're really getting your daytime feeds in which, again, I should be super grateful you're doing that during the day versus at night.  This does make it a bit of a challenge to go anywhere during the day though.  You are so very unpredictable.

Food:  Milk.  Milk.  Milk.  Still nursing 100% of the time though I believe we're going to supplement with formula so I can develop a stash.  All that eating you're doing is leaving no leftovers for my reserve.

Firsts:  We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend!  You spent nearly the entire time nursing so I didn't really get to enjoy it as I would have liked.  I actually nursed you standing in the pumpkin patch next to a group of trees while everyone searched for their pumpkins. You don't give me much of a break.

Favorites:  Eating, really that's the only thing you enjoy at this point.  You cry quite a bit and are a light sleeper so we spend a lot of time trying to put you back to sleep.  You seem to somewhat enjoy your sister though I can't tell if you're just figuring her out.

I can't imagine how much you'll change in the next few weeks and look forward to experiencing every minute with you!

-stephanie (mama)

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