Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Photo Dump

Graham is nearly 4 weeks old already!  I'll be honest, life with two isn't easy, in fact it's quite difficult.  Especially when you have a 3 year old toddler who is beginning to rebel.  It's frustrating and stressful and there are some days where I honestly wish I was back at work for 8 hours just to get a bit of break from it all.  But then, I see some tender moments between Addie & Graham.

Like when he cries and she goes running into the room to see him and quickly "shush" him.  You see, when Addie was a baby, I rented "The Happiest Baby on the Block" from the library and one of the soothing techniques mentioned in the book was to loudly shush in your babies ear.  We did it when Addie screamed at the top of her lungs and it always quickly quieted her.  Graham has been no different but Addie's picked it up as well.

It also melts my heart when Addie comes into my room each morning, climbs into our bed while I'm nursing Graham and says, "okay, let me hold him now".

People ask me how she's doing with him and for the most part she does well.  Of course she has her moments where she wants nothing to do with him but she's generally very sweet to him and wants to help out.  She does a lot of begging to go outside and my continuous response is, "we have to wait until Graham's done eating" or "Graham's sleeping right now, we need to wait until he's up".  I'm sure in those moments she's cursing his name but we're working on her patience.

I really can't get enough of the two of them.  One day they'll be best buds! I can't wait to show this picture on each of their wedding days.


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  1. They are cute together! I understand the pain of having a rebellious 3 year old and an infant. It definitely isn't easy.



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