Thursday, October 24, 2013

Graham's 1 Month Stats

The stats are in and this little guy is chugging along.  The doctor was impressed with his weight gain.  If you'll remember he got down to 6lbs 14oz at one point so he's gained nearly 4lbs in about 3 weeks.  Trust me, those nursing sessions prove it.   He didn't take the HepB shot so well.  

The nurse prepped the area with the alcohol swab and he immediately lost it.  I was prepared for that since this kid hates anything cold (diaper changes are a nightmare with cold wipes).  He was in the middle of crying when she came in with the shot.  The look on his face was so sad to see.  He immediately sucked in all his breath and his face turned.  Tears began to roll down his chunky cheeks.  I was prepared but I wasn't.  Of course I immediately began to get weepy too.  We stood in the room and hugged and rocked for a few minutes until we both calmed down.

I don't think I'll ever be fully ready for those shots.


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