Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Front Door Re-Do

I've been itching to add some color to the exterior of our house.  My house is full of neutral colors and the exterior is really no different.  Our front door could be replaced.  It's the original which means it's about 20+ years old.  Rick keeps saying he's going to get a new one and he hasn't yet so I figured why not try to do something fun and if it sucks, then Rick gets that new front door.  I've been reading other blogs to see what colors I'd like and how to properly paint a front door and found a color I love.  No surprise I found it on one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love.  Here's a boring shot of the house before the new color.

Dark burgundy.  It was okay but it was boring, nothing fun or fresh about it.  So I decided to go with a pretty blue color.

First you take off all your hardware.  Wipe down the door to remove any surface dirt.  I then used a fine sander block (I don't remember what kind or what it's called but it's squishy and sold in the paint section) to sand down the entire door.  Wipe down the door again to remove any sand particles on the door. 

When you're ready to paint, start in the squares and paint a couple coats until they're completely painted.  Then move to the cross sections and paint those until fully painted.  Finally complete by painted the vertical pieces that haven't been painted.  You'll want to start this project first thing in the morning so the door can air dry all day long.  Once it's fully dry, replace all your hardware.

I'm really digging the pop of blue color it adds to our really neutral house.

This is probably the most accurate color of the door.

 photo 97b1d856-99ec-4cb9-a6f4-598656194d28_zps4f2248e9.jpg 

Pretty nice right?  I love it.  I can't get enough and love pulling down our street to see the bright blue cheerful door staring back at us!



  1. Blue is always a good choice! Its soothing and calming effect makes it a perfect choice for a front door. Front doors must be captivating and welcoming enough to leave a lasting impression to your guests and to passers-by as well.

    -Jim Lang @ RenewalOfMaine

  2. Great choice of color, huh? The bright blue shade you used for your front door conveyed a sense of peace. It’s definitely one of those striking colors that makes for a stunning home. Well, giving your door a unique color is really great as it somewhat allows you to show your personality. Let your creativity shine through in a home project like this!
    William Gulliver @ Up and Above Contractors

  3. The door itself looks nice. Although, the color is a bit out-of-place with the exterior. Have you considered repainting the windows to complement your newly-painted door? Go for something like sky blue or turquoise. Katie @ ClarkAdams.com

  4. You seem to have a very unique talent for picking out just the perfect colors to go with everything. Thanks for posting the updates on the door. It is always very interesting to read about how other people are renovating their home. Keep the pictures coming and take care of yourself!

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock



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