Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Adalyn Meets Graham

Throughout my pregnancy leading up to the big day, we did our best to keep Addie informed of what was going on.  That she was going to be a big sister and have a baby brother.  For the longest time she didn't get it.  Never acknowledged by growing belly or the  doctor visits I had that she sometimes attended.  When I asked her to kiss my belly or listen to the baby's heartbeat she said no and left the room.  I don't think she wasn't interested, I just don't think she got it.  She was the only child on either side of Rick's family and mine so it was to be expected.

As the months passed on, we continued to talk more frequently about what was to come.  The final week leading up to my delivery date I told Addie that I would be going to the hospital to have the baby and would be gone for a few days.  Daddy would stay with her and would read to her and give her baths and would bring her to visit after the baby was born.  She responded with "No mama, I don't want you to leave.  I miss you."  She followed that up with a hug which made me feel terrible and nervous.  How will she react to me being gone for 3-4 nights?  And even scarier, how will she react to not being the center of everyone's attention?

Saturday morning my parents brought Addie to the hospital and Rick met them outside of my room.  When she came in she wasn't hesitant to come to me and said "Mama, you sick?"  My parents had a conversation with her on the way over that I had a belly ache and she had to be gentle around me.  Addie wasnt nervous at all and immediately wanted to check him out.

Photo: Big sister giving Graham some love.

So far she's been a great help and will often say "oh no, my baby brother is crying" when he wakes up.  She can't pronounce Graham so for now he's "baby Gam".  I'm sure one day, probably sooner than later, she won't like him so much but I guess that's to be expected between a sister and brother.  Until then, I'll enjoy these moments.



  1. How sweet, I love that she calls him Baby Gam. :)

  2. That is so sweet! I love seeing siblings together for the first time. Very cute!



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