Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Brushing My Teeth

On a recent shopping trip to Target I made my way down the tooth care aisle specifically to find Addie her first "real" toothbrush as well as some flouride free toothpaste.  Prior to the new purchase we were using a toothbrush which came from one of those new baby kits.  Addie really wasn't too interested in that old toothbrush any more than to chew on it, but add a little toothpaste and the kid is suddenly interested (shocking right?).

Honestly, I think she likes it mostly because she's teething and it's something to chew on.  That and that toothpaste.



  1. Get them into good habits now. lol

  2. Addie looks adorable with her toothbrush. It is good that you started to teach Addie how to brush her teeth early. It can be beneficial in the future, so that she will know how important teeth are. They are not just for aesthetic aspect of the face, but they are also vital part in chewing our food, so that it can be digested easily by our body.

    Jerri Franceschi

  3. Well, at least Addie knows what to do when she sees a toothbrush with toothpaste on it! That would be a good sign that she would always be able to take good care of her teeth! Anyway, it’s good that you’re giving her toothpaste that doesn’t have too much fluoride on it. Too much fluoride can be bad for children’s teeth, as it may cause them to have chalky white spots on their teeth.

    @Landen Worley



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