Friday, March 23, 2012

Adalyn Month Fourteen

On Wednesday you turned fourteen months old.  I know I've said several times that you're developing such a personality and it's nice to see it every day, but it's so true.  You crack us up everyday!

Stats:  Again, we haven't been to the doctor since your twelve month check but you're about 22 lbs and you're getting taller.  I can tell because you can now reach things on the buffet table in the living room that you couldn't before.  You're still in a size 3 shoe which makes me wonder if you'll ever grow into the cute Tiny Toms you got for your birthday.  We bought you your first pair of sandals which are so cute!

Sleep Schedule:  You know, a funny thing happened while I was out of town training for work for two weeks.  Your dad went and got you to sleep through the night.  Yes, it's official, at fourteen months old, you have finally reached the place I only ever dreamed of.  You now sleep from about 8:30/9 to 6:30/7.  Though I wish you could push that morning wake up call back about an hour I cannot complain because you're giving me enough time to get a full 8 hours in.  And if I want to do something crazy like stay up until 11 or 12 I still get a good amount of sleep.  It's much appreciated!  You're down to one nap a day lasting approximately 2 hours.  On the weekends I can push you to nap 1-3.  You haven't figured it out at grandma's yet but we'll get you there!

Foods:  Is there anything you won't eat?  I suppose there are a couple things though they are in the minority.  You are back to loving fruits which I'm so happy about.  There for a couple months you wanted nothing to do with them.  Now you can't get enough.  You love lemons and limes and rarely make a face while sucking on them.  You have officially had shellfish, in the form of popcorn shrimp, as well as peanut butter.  Surprisingly, you seemed to like the shrimp more than the peanut butter. I'm sure it's because they were deep fried which definitely verifies you are your mama's baby!  Every day your dad makes you a smoothie and every day you chug it down.You're now completely to whole milk and drink about 20-24 ounces a day.  You love that stuff.

Firsts:  I mentioned earlier that you are wearing your first pair of sandals.  You do have your first Tiny Toms to break in, however your feet just don't seem to be growing.  You had your first pigtails last weekend, though it wasn't easy for me to get it there.  Your hair is very fine and doesn't want to be confined and would rather remain in your eyes at all times. I won't cut it though!  You're now sporting your first pair of sunglasses which makes you look even more like a little girl than before.  You officially have your sixth tooth.  I suspect you're preparing for more as you are drooling more than an english mastiff!

Favorite Toys:  This one is an interesting one.  You still play with the toys you've had though you prefer to pull out the pots and pans or the plastic cutting boards.  We have a plastic pitcher you pull out of one of the cupboards and you talk into it.  I think you like that one because you sound different.  You also finally figured out how to blow air into a toy horn and get sound to come out.  That's been one of the funniest thing to watch.  You love to be pushed around in your stroller now.

I know each month I enjoy more but I say that because every month you develop more of a personality and show us who you are.  You're independent, stubborn, and are afraid of nothing and no one.  It's amazing that you're around literally no kids your age yet any time you see one you're not afraid to run up to them and interact.  I'm so impressed by that as your dad and I were, and oftentimes still are introverts.  You're an amazing girl!


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