Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Adalyn Month Thirteen

Let me start your 13 month post by saying I'm sorry.  In the midst of preparing for a new job I forgot all about posting about your 13 month update.  You're becoming more and more of a person and we're definitely seeing a stubborn personality coming out of you.  I'm sure you get that from your mama!

Stats:  It's hard to say where you are height wise but you're hovering around 21-22 lbs at this point.  You have thinned out a little bit since you've started moving around but your chub is still hanging on.  You're still wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 3 shoes.

Sleep Schedule:  As was last month, your sleep schedule is still erratic some nights you do really well and sleep a solid 8 hours and others you wake up and want some cuddling.  I can see a positive change in direction though and imagine I'll soon be wondering what happened to my crazy sleeper.

Foods:  Well you're officially on whole milk and you were a bit hesitant at first but you seem to be on board.  You're reacting well to it, no adverse reactions which is great.  So far you're not allergic to anything which is lucky for us and you.  We're down to only morning and night nursing sessions and throughout the day you're doing whole milk.  You still don't really have the sippy cup down at all but I'm positive that you'll get there someday.

Firsts:  Well you had your first trip to IKEA as well as your first taste of Swedish meatballs.  The trip to IKEA you liked, the Swedish meatballs, not so much.  It could be that aversion to meat though.  You had your first Dairy Queen ice cream cake for your grandpa's birthday!  Of course you loved it, who doesn't love ice cream cake?!

Favorite Toys:  Your really digging anything you can push around the house. That could be a toy or it could be furniture.  You still love your books and are starting to carry around animals or dolls so I think you may be a future doll lover.

This month passed by surprisingly quick and your growing into a little person.  You have 5 teeth and one guy wants to poke through so I'm sure we'll see that tooth in the next update.


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