Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Weather

After two weeks of training in Wisconsin for my new job, I'm finally home for good and I'm so glad to be home to see my sweet baby girls face every morning.  The weather seems to finally be taking a turn for the good and we had a really gorgeous day here of about 65 degrees and you couldn't keep us inside if you paid us.  We have a really great shopping mall nearby which offers shopping both inside and outside which was perfect for us today.  After an hour of shopping for mommy, Addie had her time out in the sun stretching her little legs.

This last picture cracks me up!  Her hair is all sorts of crazy but I'm not cutting it!

Recently she started doing this thing with her mouth.  She makes an O shape and says ooh ooh.  I caught it a couple times today at the mall.


We also made a visit to the park where Addie got to play on the swings and slides.

It was so nice out Sunday and it sounds like the rest of the week should be similar.  I'm so happy we can finally do outdoor things without being rained on!  Oh, also, my child seems to be very thoughtful, studious, whatever you want to call it because I realize she doesn't smile a lot when discovering new things.  I think she's in her mind thinking it all through!  I swear she does smile sometimes.

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