Monday, March 19, 2012

The High School Yearbook Photo

The other day I ran across my high school yearbook which has been sitting untouched on a bookshelf in our office for 6 years.  Of course I flipped it open and looked at old friends and remembered what it was like in high school.  Luckily I graduated in a time when the craziest fad was overalls which, thankfully, I was not wearing in my senior photo.  So I can't share that story without sharing a photo of me right?  Here I am at 17, hard to believe that was nearly 13 years ago!

For the most part I think I look the same except my face has thinned out a bit which is a very good thing. I was pretty round in the face in high school.

I was checking out the Shutterfly website recently and saw a feature I'd never noticed before.  Shutterfly now has Yearbooks!  Shutterfly Yearbooks are the easiest and most affordable way to preserve school memories for your child and your school, helping parents of a single student, class or an entire school, easily create specially designed page templates for school activities, subjects, and student classroom and faculty photos.

Easy-to-make Use the specially designed page templates to capture school activities along with favorite student, classroom and faculty pictures. Make it just the way you want with the All New Custom Path.

Easy on your pocketbook  Get up to 75% off when you order for your class or school. Shutterfly has prices as low as $5 per Yearbook, which are only available by contacting Shutterfly for a quote.

Made to love, made to last  The award-winning photo books are printed in color and professionally bound. Your Yearbook is saved forever and you can re-order it at any time.

Obviously I don't run a school or classroom but I could see ordering these custom yearbooks for the family each year.  As a sort of look back on the previous year.  You can take the best pictures or moments you captured throughout the year and organize them in these yearbooks and leave them out on the coffee table or keep each years book lined up on a bookshelf.

Check out the Shutterfly Yearbooks directly at their site or at any one of their social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

 Note:  This is a sponspored post.

- stephanie

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