Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Product Love: Japonesque Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a new baby care product Japonesque.  I'm so in love with how cute the product line is.  All of the new products are compact enough to toss in a diaper bag, each tool comes in a protective case for added safety.  We received the pink hippo brush and the yellow ducky nail clippers.  

Addie loves the duck, every time we get out the nail clippers she "quacks" at us.  The safety nail clippers were designed to trim baby’s fingernails tear-free, so you can clip away confidently with ease and precision.  This miniature clipper fits little fingernail and toenails perfectly, and features a comfortable grip and thumb lever for easy maneuvering.  It also contains a nail file to gently shape and smooth sharp nail edges after clipping. 

We let her play with the duck when we brush her hair with the pink hippo.  Features super soft bristles that help tame hair without pulling or scratching.  Gentle on baby’s scalp, the bristles encourage growth and shine.  

You can order both the hippo and the duck as well as their entire line of baby care products through HQHair.


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