Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fashion Love: In Pink Fashion Jewelry

Recently I was shopping around for a gift for a friend and wanted to buy something cute, funky and unique.  I've had my eye on In Pink's fashion jewelry website.  They have some of the cutest items and are always having a great sale.  Check out how the gift came.

I love the way they packaged it all up.  Very cute and the charms on the box add that special touch.

I had to get it out of the box and try it on, make sure it looked good.

How cute is that guy?

This is one of my best buys.  I waited around until I found him on sale as In Pink always offers special promo codes.

I usually catch the promo codes through their Facebook site and it's usually 40% off so I suggest you like their page.  By the way, I don't get anything for this post, I just really love their site!


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  1. I love the colors on your new bangle bracelet. The inclusion of the owl on the clasp is fun!

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  4. Wow, wonderful piece. Excellently done. Every piece of jewellery is mesmerizing.
    Love these fashion bracelets.

  5. Bailey Ashley
    I beyond doubt appreciate your articles and blogs

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