Monday, August 27, 2012

Adalyn Month Nineteen

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Okay, so I suck.  Addie turned nineteen months last Tuesday.  I promised an update last week and I was super lame and didn't write one.  So without further adieu, here's what I should have done last week.

Stats:  No official measurements but I think you've made it to 25 pounds.  My arms are really starting to hurt from holding you.  You do seem taller than last month but I could just be imagining things.  You're still in a size 4 shoe though I imagine you'll be in size 5 by the end of the year.  Still wearing 12-18 month size clothing.

Sleep Schedule:  Just when you think you can predict a sleeping pattern it all changes.  You have started waking earlier and earlier every morning.  Oftentimes waking at 5:30 with no desire to go back to sleep.  It's tiring me out big time.  I've tried pushing your bedtime back to 9 or later and it just doesn't seem to work.  I'm debating eliminating nap but I think that could end up being a terrible idea.  Your naps range from 2-3 hours.

Foods:  Finally, you've started accepting some meat. In fact you nearly ate an entire chicken breast off of a rotisserie  chicken we bought a couple weeks ago.  You couldn't get enough of it.  Then you shocked us even more by eating part of a bratwurst.  You still prefer fruit to any other food.  You love graham crackers, animal cookies, and raisins.  You're still drinking 16-20 ounces of milk a day.

Firsts:  This month you experienced a lot of firsts.  Your first amusement park ride at the Ohio State fair.  your first trip on a ferry boat when we made an impromptu trip to Lake Erie.  Your first trip to put in bay & middle bass island.  Your first overnight stay at someone's house where mama & dada weren't there.  Your first time sleeping in a tent.  Your first car ride forward facing.  This has been a big month of firsts for you!

Favorite Toys:  Your baby dolls.  You love to feed doll (Elmo, babies, etc) with your sippy cup.  You love your play-doh, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and plastic dinosaurs.

Month nineteen has been a month full of firsts and some changes.  You are becoming more and more cranky which terrifies me for what's around the corner when the terrible two's strike.  Either way, we're excited to watch you grow and learn and experience new things everyday!


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