Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Favorite Baby Items

My little girl turned 19 months old today (month update post to come this week) and I've been reflecting on all of the items that were purchased in the preparing for baby process.  I'll be honest, we have a lot of baby crap, most of it we didn't need but for one reason or another bought it.  I'm hoping I can spare some of you new mommies (& daddies) out there the trouble of determining what are must have items for you.  These are only some of the more prominent items we loved.

1.  The Fisher Price Rock N Play.  This was an item I didn't register for but I received at one of my baby showers.  I really didn't get why it was such a big deal and even contemplated returning it because I didn't think we'd need it.  I'm so glad I didn't return it because this is what Addie slept in until she was 3 months old.  There's something about the sides being so close that she seemed to love.  The crib was a bit overwhelming to her (or so it seemed to us) so after confirming with her pediatrician (because I was a paranoid new mommy), that it was okay, we put her in that every night until she was 3 months.  There are fancier styles of this but I'd go with the basic.  Less is more sometimes.

2.  Wubbanub Pacificier.  This was a life saver for us.  I wasn't too excited to use a pacifier at all with her because I've heard terrible stories about kids not being able to give it up.  But I'm happy that we did because  it was her comfort item for a year.  We particularly got this type of pacifier because my lactation consultant suggested these for breast feeding moms.  We loved that if she spit out the wubbanub in the car we could easily reach back and find it and pop it back in.

3.  Summertime Swaddler.  This is a must have, absolute must have for any mom.  It's been proven that babies love to be swaddled.  It's comforting for them especially when they have moments of jumping.  Addie loved to be swaddled.

4.  My Brest Friend Pillow.  We started with the boppy, which I liked for the baby to sit up in, however I had trouble breastfeeding Addie while on the boppy.  She kept falling between me and the pillow so I went for the My Brest Friend pillow.  This was awesome for us and I've seen there's a version for twins as well.

5.  Ring Sling.  I loved this when walking around at festivals or at the pumpkin patch.  I also really loved the Moby wrap and would highly suggest either of these.

6.  Baby Legs.  Loved, loved, loved this item.  This is an item I buy for moms for a shower item.  They're awesome when you have a new baby and you're constantly changing diapers and just don't feel like putting them back in their clothes. It's great for when your little one is crawling around to save their knees. Sign up for their email and watch for great sales!
Lil' Candy Dots Legwarmers
7.  Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo.  Addie loved this thing.  It kept her entertained for hours every day.  Helped her develop her leg muscles and kept her occupied if we needed to clean the house.  She saw it in a spare room the other day and wanted in to play with it.  I put her in and she nearly bottomed out.

These are some of our favorite products. There are plenty thousands out there that may work better for our next baby but so far these work for us.  What are some of your favorite items as a new parent?  Are you currently pregnant and starting to look for new products?  Make sure to check out Toddle Along Tuesday for some other great baby finds.



  1. Oh I got Callie the most adorable Elephant Wubbanub and a Paci-Plushies and she hates pacifiers. Makes me so sad.

  2. I love the rain frost jumperoo. Your daughter looks like she had a lot of fun in it. My son was a pacifier guy and man did I hate trying to search for one all the time. He would spit it out and it would take me 5 mins just to find one. We had a stash of like 10 of them.

  3. Oh man our lists are practically identical! Great minds, great minds... ;)

  4. My son is not a fan facing me when I carry him so he rides facing out in the baby bjorn right now. But he is fast approaching the weight limit. Will have to check out the ring sling to see if he likes riding on my hip!

  5. I loved our jumperoo too! It was a hit for a long time!



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