Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

I think all of us parents can safely say our lives are completely different since we've had children.  I think we can all agree that we've probably said to ourselves, "Self, what did I do with all my time prior to having a child".  It's one of my biggest pieces of advice to couples thinking about having children, do everything you can before having children.  Travel to every place you can think of and enjoy your time when you don't have to lug around a child plus pack n play, carseat, stroller, etc.

One of my biggest fears while pregnant was that I would lose my sense of self and would become Adalyn's mom and not Stephanie who is also a mom. It was important to me to attempt to keep that sense of self, I never wanted to walk out of the house looking like a frumpy mom because "there's no reason you can't at least try to make an attempt with your appearance".  The truth is, it's more difficult than you think it is.  Your child is the priority and you tend to take a backseat in the importance chain.  Unfortunately, I've noticed that I've slacked off in the self department.  I've left the house without make up, without looking at myself in the mirror.  I've stopped taking yoga and running and have gotten into a rut where I'm feeling like a mess.

So, I'm making an attempt to feel good about my body, about my style, about my life as not only a mom and a wife, but also my life as Stephanie.

I once took a spinning class where the 8 month pregnant spinning instructor stood on her bike with her baby bump yelling "Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes".  I come back to this mantra all the time, it makes sense in your fitness, your career, your relationships, etc.

Make time for yourself - your hobbies, your fitness, what keeps you sane.  Even if it's just 15 minutes a day, step away from it all to meditate and breath.

Make time for your spouse - This is difficult for me because every minute I'm not with Addie I'm thinking about her.  So I don't like leaving her and when Rick and I are out on a date I think I wish I was with her.  But then I remind myself that I enjoy my time away, like our Put-In-Bay vacation.

Make time for your friends - your friends are there for you when you need them.  My BFF, Mary loves to watch Addie but she's one of the people in my life that I spend a lot of time with.  We keep each other grounded and even make time to go out for drinks and see Magic Mike.  Nothing like Channing Tatum grinding around half neked on a big screen.

It's important to remember that though your child is most likely the most important person in your life but you cherish them more when you step away and enjoy your "me" time.  How do you balance your time between parent, friend, self, work, etc?  Make sure to link up to Toddle Along Tuesday and tell us how you make it work and still stay sane.


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  1. I said that I wouldn't ever leave the house looking at least a little presentable too. Hahaha...just yesterday I left the house with no make-up (not even mascara-eek!) and I was alone. Talk about bad ;)



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