Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 Easter Weekend

Last year was Addie's first real experience with Easter.  From dyeing eggs, to her egg hunt, her first Easter basket; it was all so much fun last year.  But this year was even better.  This year we got reactions to everything, "oooo, books" or "ooo, Eastah eggs".  She was so cute!

Easter eggs are a fun tradition we like to do each year.  

Last year it was easy because she just colored on the eggs with her wax crayon.

This year, she couldn't wait to get her little hands on those eggs and all that colored water...she was in heaven.

I had to tell her to hold the egg carefully, like a baby, so it doesn't break.

She loved her little egg.

I did most of this while she watched or helped me hold the eggs in the water.

Saturday night we did an Easter egg hunt and this girl was on fire!

I love this picture.  She's so happy!

Sunday morning before church she saw what the Easter bunny brought her.

She ran all around the house trying to find out where he left her basket.  And yes, she runs around the house without pants on sometimes.  :)

She loved her little books.  Please excuse Rick in the background, someone wasn't feeling so hot Sunday morning.

The sheep was by far her favorite.  She has a sheep someone bought her a couple years ago that she sleeps with and I was worried she might freak out if it gets lost or needs to be tossed.  This guy is our backup.

After the basket, it was time to head out to church.  This seems to be the only picture I managed to catch and it was while we were at church.

How was your Easter?  I'm loving celebrating holidays with her at this age.  She's really giving good reactions and you can see so much joy on her face.  

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  1. She looks like she had so much fun! Hooray for back upbedtime lovies. And she is beautiful in her dress!



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