Monday, April 8, 2013

Mightee Kids: Kids on Bikes

This months feature for Mightee Kids is Kids on Bikes.  Kids on Bikes helps children from the inner-city get bikes and empowers kids and their families to lead healthy, active and happy lives through biking.  You'll remember from previous posts that Mightee Kids "helps kids help other kids around the tee at a time".

When you sign up to be a Mightee kid, each month you'll receive a t-shirt focusing on that months target charity.  And, you'll be giving back because $5 of your monthly cost will go directly to that charity!

Addie's approaching the age of balance bikes and we're thinking about slowly introducing her to these early age bikes to give her that exposure.  Staying active and healthy is super important to our family and bikes are really a great way to stay active!

Addie loves bicycles.  When kids ride by on their bikes Addie says, "ooh, kid bicycle".

She looks like such a little girl these days it's crazy.  

Find out how you can help support the cause this month or any future months at Mightee Kids website!


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