Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Day in the Life

I'm a type A personality.  I desperately need/crave structure and routine in my daily life.  I hardly stray from my routine and can almost time it down to the minute what I'm doing at any given time.  So here's a snapshot of my daily routine.

6:20 - my alarm goes off and I roll out of bed, unless Addie decided not to stay in bed a little longer.  I'm doing my hair and makeup, getting dressed, etc.

6:50 - pack mine and Addie's lunch.  By this point, if she hasn't already woke up, then she's probably crying by this time.  I run back and get her out of her crib and she runs around the house playing, waking the rest of us up while I go back to packing lunches

7:00 - Addie gets something for breakfast while I finish getting myself together.

7:10 - I head out for my drive but quickly realize I need my Starbucks to start the day.

7:30 - I arrive to work and spend the next approximately 8 hours working my butt off.

3:30 - I leave work and go pick up my little bug.

4:30 - Addie and I play outside when the weather is nice or watch Strawberry Shortcake when the weather is crummy.

5:30 - I start making dinner and it's usually completely last minute and thrown together.

6:00 - We play some more, either inside or out depending on the weather.

7:30 - the bedtime routine begins.  Every other night she gets a bath.  We'll play quietly in her room and read books.

8:30 - last kisses and lights out.  I head off to take my shower.

8:45 - Watch tv and relax for the evening.

10:00 - I'm in bed for the night.

It all begins again the next morning.  Very groundhog day.


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  1. I love how routine this is! I'm craving some routine right about now. Love the pics :]



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