Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Trip: Franklin Park Conservatory

This weekend the weather in Columbus turned back to cold so we decided to take a trip to the local conservatory, Franklin Park Conservatory.  They had butterflies from around the world on display flying throughout one of the rooms.  

Chihuly is still in some of the rooms and I love this piece!

Lots of great flowers throughout the rooms as well. This one is one of my favorite.

Addie found the waterfall and went nuts.

I love this picture.  She looks like such a little girl.

Look at my little ham.  She's hanging onto those cheeks!

Another gorgeous flower!

We went back to watch them release more butterflies into the room but someone was done.  We didn't make it to see the release.  She was done.

It was so much fun to see Addie attempt to let a butterfly land on her.  She chased all the kids around and had such a good time.  It was sort of unexpected because there aren't a lot of kids activities.  It was a perfect little trip for our crummy cold day.  I even purchased a couple of discounted orchids on the way out.  Apparently one will sprout and give off the scent of chocolate!  Can't wait to see what it really smells like.


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  1. What a neat place!! :) I love your pictures.



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