Monday, April 9, 2012

An Inexpensive Easter Basket

This year was Addie's first year to actually receive an Easter basket.  It didn't make much sense to get her anything last year since she was eating, walking, talking, etc. This year I knew I wanted to put something together but I didn't want it to be a ridiculous basket, I mean she's only 1 so to her the little things can sometimes be the most exciting.  I posted last week about some ideas I had that I was really digging and started from there.

I started casually shopping for her basket about 2 weeks ago.  Being a frugal shopper, I tend to buy things when I seem them on the cheap or clearance.  My two pricier items were two that I bought just two days before Easter and I really wanted her to have these items.

I was able to spend under $25 for her first basket!  And if you remove my two pricey items, which were last minute additions, you're looking at under $15.  Her favorite thing so far has been that banana & pumpkin puree.

Basket (Hobby Lobby) - 2.99
Baby Flash Cards (Hobby Lobby) - 1.99
Opposites Book (Joann's) - 1.00
Carry Along Coloring Book (Hobby Lobby) - 1.99
Sidewalk Chalk (Joann's) - 1.49
Bubbles (Joann's) - 1.00
Elmo Egg's (Joann's) - 1.99
Banana & Pumpkin Puree Pouch (Target) - .89
My First Crayon's (Target) - 4.99
Playdoh (Target) - 4.99
Total - $23.32

So what did you include in your child's Easter basket?  Is anyone planning to raid the local Target for clearance Easter items for next year?  You just may find me there!


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  1. I'm definitly raiding the Easter bins for next year. I need more eggs for hiding. I found a Mickey and a Minnie car for each of the kids. It was at Family Dollar. They were $5. Amazon had a deal on a Little People Camper for $9. Rebecca got that and Aiden also got an Octonauts Memory game. He loves that show. Of course at the same Dollar store they had a mickey and a minnie easter basket so I bought those as well. They were $10 each. Rebecca's basket ended up being about $25 and Aidens ended up being about $30. The extra being that the memory game was shipped from England.



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