Friday, April 13, 2012

Create a Wedding Wreath

My best friend Mary is getting married in 5 weeks so we are right in the midst of wedding showers, favor making, and wedding countdown craziness.  Last Saturday was her first wedding shower and I wanted to make a cute wreath we could use at the shower but also something she could use for the days leading up to her shower.  It was a rather easy but a little bit time consuming.  Get out your glue gun because you're going to be in glue gun heaven or hell depending on how much you like the glue gun.

So here's what you need:

12-18inch wreath
wide white satin ribbon (I only bought 9 feet and had to get more)
lots of beads in various shapes and sizes (I found these in the jewelry making section, you'll need a lot of small beads
glue gun & glue sticks

Begin by gluing down your fabric to the back side of the wreath and start wrapping.  You want to wrap as tight as possible to prevent any pieces showing through.  When you're finished you glue down your last piece to the back side just like the first piece.  Once your fabric is wrapped begin gluing down your larger beads sporadically around the wreath.  You'll want to make sure to glue a lot of your pieces down the lines where the ribbon is wrapped.  Remember you'll need beads around the top and inside of the wreath.  Once you've glued down your larger pieces you should go to your next largest beads and so on until you're filling in large gaps with your smallest beads.

You may want to leave one part of the wreath free of beads so you can wrap a piece of ribbon to hang the wreath from a wreath hanger.  This is what I did as I was afraid the ribbon would knock off any of the beads under it. 

Here are the final pictures.

I was nervous half way through but I think it turned out really well.  Hope you enjoy.


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  1. looks great!! I might do this for Christmas and use red, green and the white.



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