Monday, April 30, 2012

Adalyn Month Fifteen

You have actually been 15 months old for over a week, but it has been a very busy week for me.  I was out of town celebrating my friend Mary's last few weeks as a single woman at Gervasi Vineyards.

Stats:  I sort of delayed this post as I knew we'd have official stats after your doctor appointment on Friday.  You weight 23lbs 6oz (50-75%) and you're 30.5" tall (50%). I didn't get the actual size of your head but the nurse said "you're off the charts".  Still wearing some 12 month clothes and are slowly approaching 18 months.  Your feet are still a size 3 and you're still wearing size 4 diapers.

Sleep Schedule:  You are sleeping about 10 hours each night going down around 8:30 and sleeping until about 6:30 though lately you've been getting up earlier and earlier and won't put yourself back to sleep.  Even when I bring you into bed with us to cuddle, you'd rather climb on us than snuggle in for a few more minutes.  Your typical night time routine begins at 8 with PJ's and a bottle, then we take you to your room where we read a couple stories and put you in your crib with a book.  You put yourself to sleep in a matter of minutes.  Tonight, however is not one of those typical nights.  As I write this, you're standing in your crib screaming your head off.  I've already rocked you once and you just don't want to go to sleep without me there.  I'm assuming it's due to your teething (you're working on a molar the doctor says).

Foods:  Same as previous months except now we see you venturing more towards spicier foods.  This makes your mama especially happy as I love Mexican food.  We've decreased your milk intake to about 16 ounces a day as you've had some constipation issues lately.

Firsts:  You had your first Easter egg hunt which you loved so much.  You would spot an egg and make your funny squeal noises and take off after the egg.

Favorite Toys:  Books are still a front runner for you.  You like pots and pans.  You like to throw trash in the garbage can.  You also enjoy your drum stick.   You carry it around and tap on just about everything with it.

This month will be another exciting month to watch you grow as I know at least 2 more teeth are on their way in.  You also will be in your first wedding wearing an incredible adorable dress.  The weather is getting nicer which presents us with more opportunities to play.



  1. Oh my gosh I love her painted toe nails!! Happy 15 months to your sweet baby girl :)

  2. Happy 15 months, sweet girl!!




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