Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Addie's Blooper Reel

I like every other new mom have taken thousands of pictures of my baby.  Out of those thousands of pictures, we were bound to catch some funny ones.  So here are a few out takes we have caught while trying to capture great pictures of our little Adalyn.

This one was her first time in the Fisher Price Jumperoo.  She wasn't yet into the jumping feature but she loved this butterfly and tried to eat it.

This on is hilarious!  This is in her exersaucer at her grandparents house.  You'll notice she has excellent form with that middle finger.  Addie loves to accidentally flip people off, the first time being when she was just a couple days old.  She was nursing in the hospital and it looked like she flipping off the boob.  In fact, we caught that one on camera as well, but I don't think we need any explicit photos of me.

This one, by far, is my favorite.  I can't remember what scared her.  I imagine it was Chloe barking, either way it turned into photo gold!

Have any great out takes of your little ones?  Come share with us at Toddle Along Tuesday.

PS.  Our giveaway winner was announced, was it you?



  1. I love those!! I am so disappointed that I haven't seem to get a middle finger picture yet with either girl. I'm going to try for a third kid, just to get that picture magic. ;) Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love that photo of her giving us the bird! I have one like that of Leila too :)



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