Thursday, April 5, 2012

Family Tradition: Dyeing Easter Eggs

I've always loved to dye eggs at Easter.  You can make such pretty patterns, colors, or add-ons to make your egg look phenomenal.  This year was the first year Addie got to participate in Easter egg dyeing. While I was craft shopping at Joann's a week ago I just so happened to be in the same time they were running 50% off of all Easter related products.  So I picked this dye kit up for $2.  I purposely grabbed this kit because of the plastic containers for another project I'll be working on soon.

We started by laying down a plastic trashbag on the kitchen table in the event anyone made a mess.  Each cup had 1/2 warm water as well as 3 tablespoons vinegar to the mix.  The vinegar is added to make the brightest color possible.  Drop in your tablets and wait.

While we waited we had a good friend snap a few shots of the whole family about to embark on Easter egg dyeing.

She tried to eat the egg a couple times.

We let her draw on an egg with the wax crayon.  She enjoyed that as well.  She did try to eat the crayon.

She's such a great sharer.  I hope this continues as she approaches school age.

Here's our assembly line.

This guy appears to be floating on water (much like Jesus walked on water - see a reference to what this holiday is really about) however he's actually just resting on another egg.  I was going for a split colored egg.

Here's our finished products.  The girl on the bottom right that was cut out of the photo was Addie's egg.

We set up the eggs in the carton in the refrigerator to finish drying before we ate them.  Addie couldn't wait to get her tiny hands on one of those eggs!

Saturday Addie will experience her first Easter egg hunt and dinner and Sunday we'll have a big Easter dinner at my parents house.  She'll also be receiving her first Easter basket.  What are some of your Easter traditions?

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