Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Day in the Life with a Toddler

A day in the life of Addie.  Each day is usually the same. We like to stick to a schedule but we occasionally shake it up a bit and add a new activity or trip.

6:45am - Addie begins waking up.  It usually takes her about 10 minutes to fully wake and I can usually find her standing in her crib whining to get picked up and cuddled so she can finish waking up.  Sometimes we find her like this, though she's fully clothed.  The picture below was after a nap.  We change her diaper and get her into some clothes and then head out to the living room where she plays and I cook breakfast.

7:15am - Breakfast is served!  We typically give her eggs, toast, and some type of fruit followed by water in the sippy.  She makes a terrible mess and enjoys every minute of it.  She's an incredibly slow eater as she loves to play with her food.  It takes any where from 15-30 minutes for her to finish a meal.

7:45-10:45am - Addie plays in the living room with all her toys.  She scatters blocks, books, baby dolls and anything else she can find around the entire living room.  She's pretty content to play by herself but often times wants us to play with her.

11:00am - Addie starts to get fussy and ready for her nap. A bottle is prepared for her and she snuggles with me to drink it.  Yes I said a bottle, she hasn't figured the sippy thing out quite yet.  We're working on it.  She continues to play for a little while and then we read.

12:30-2:30pm - Nap time.

2:30pm - Addie wakes up and is ready to play.  She usually has a small lunch or a snack.  And we begin playing again.  On Saturday's or Sunday's we may go to the park to play on the slides and swings.

5:00pm - I'm preparing dinner while Addie plays with Rick and Chloe.  Sometimes she comes into the kitchen and stands between my legs to "help" out.  

6:00pm - We watch a little tv.  Addie does a little dancing.

7:00pm - We read books until Addie gets cranky.  If it's bath night, she enjoys 15 minutes of water fun before we get into jammies.

8:00pm - Addie brushes her teeth and gets her last bottle before bed.  She's awake but tired and goes down with a sound machine, the Fisher Price seahorse, and a book.  Within 15 minutes she's asleep.

It's a busy day with a toddler.  The house is usually unorganized and needs a spring cleaning that may turn into a summer cleaning but she's happy and that's what's most important.



  1. I just died of cuteness. Her cheeks in that first picture!! She is so precious!

  2. Loved this post! Very similar to our day to day :) Love her cheeks! So cute!

  3. Happy Tuesday! Visiting from Growing Up Geeky's Toddle Along Tuesday. :)


  4. new follower from the blog hop on growing up geeky btw ur daughter is so cuteeeee!!! i always wanted a chubby baby!!! and those eyes! adorable <3



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