Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Weekend Fun

This post is all about our weekend in pictures.  Addie and I had Friday night to ourselves so we made oatmeal raisin cookies, though I didn't manage to capture that picture.  I did manage to turn back in time to see her tongue just inches from the paddle on my KitchenAid!  It wasn't moving and she just wanted a little taste to make sure it was safe.  I think I still would have eaten those cookies if she liked the entire paddle. Since Rick was out of town Friday night and didn't return until Saturday morning, Addie and I had a breakfast date.  At Chick-fil-a of course!

She could hardly sit still because she wanted to play so badly.  I manager to get her to eat half of her fruit and a couple small bites of her cinnamon cluster.  Then it was play time.

We got to Chick-fil-a around 8am so it was deserted.  She had the play area to herself for the first time ever and she enjoyed every second of it.  "Mama, I see you" she would shout from the car hanging from the ceiling.  She had to have gone down that slide 30 times.

Late morning on Saturday, Rick finally joined up with us and we went to tour the local Anthony Thomas chocolate factory. I'll make a separate post for that one.  But that's where I got this guy.

Sunday was St. Patrick's day so I made green pancakes.

With blueberry syrup so don't be scared of that strange color combination.  

And you can't participate in St. Patrick's day without some green in your outfit.

There's an air mattress in our living room because Rick wasn't feeling well Saturday night.  Addie loves it because she can bounce.  I really need to get her to one of those bounce places, she'd love it!


PS.  Don't forget about the Shutterfly giveaway going on now.


  1. Looks like a very successful weekend! Whenever we go to CFA I can only manage to get my daughter to eat a few bites too and then it's an hour of play time!

  2. I love her pouty face in the first picture.

  3. I just love her little cheeks. So cute. Then can we just talk about the chocolate caramel - OMG. YUM.



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