Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anthony Thomas Factory

A couple Saturday's ago we took a local trip to the Anthony Thomas factory located in Columbus, Ohio for their Easter Open House.  For the better part of that Saturday, they opened up their factory to the public to see how they make their chocolates, popcorn, etc.  It's something I've always wanted to do and Rick did it as a school kid and loved it.  We boarded a trolley which took us to the back of the building to begin the tour.

Addie has been talking about the Easter bunny for weeks.  "Go see Eastah bunny", over and over again.  So we told her we would see the "Eastah bunny" when we got there and she of course turned a little scared.

She must have warmed up to him because it looks like she's petting the bunny.  

After the photos the bunny gave her an Easter egg filled with the Anthony Thomas jelly beans.

Then we climbed to the third floor to watch the process.  See all of those silver piles coming down from the ceiling?  They're full of chocolate!

One side focuses on chocolates the other side focuses on caramel corn.

Rows and rows of buckeyes being formed.

This was the chocolate covered strawberry line.  The lady below dips the tops into chocolate and sets it on the line where it dries.

As it moves down the line, it eventually gets covered in chocolate.

This is the packaging area where they had displays of chocolate bunnies set up.

Addie loved watching the lines move.

I imagine she was thinking, "how do I get to that candy"

This lady was making each Easter basket by hand, filling with various candies.

At the end of the tour, we each got a buckeye to eat.  Addie quickly devoured hers.

We checked out the store at the end of the tour where I was tempted to buy this guy.

It was a really cool experience and even better chocolates!  Anthony Thomas offers tours to the public so if you ever get a chance, stop in!


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