Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TAT: Mommy Pet Peeve's

Yay, Toddle Along Tuesday is back!  I'll be honest, I've been having some trouble staying focused with the blog.  I think some of it is work, some if it is weather, and some of it is me not being committed.  So I'm doing my best to get excited about it all again. TAT is always a day I am guaranteed to have topic to share with you.  So this week's topic is Mommy Pet Peeve's and let me tell you, I've got a lot of them so let me just list them for you.

1.  People who chew with their mouths open - this will include people who pop their gum as they aggressively chew it as well as people who toss popcorn in their mouth and start chewing so I have to hear it.  It's rude and it's disgusting.

2.  When you leave cupboard doors open, ahem, Rick does this all the time.  How hard is it to take your pointer finger and press it lightly against the cupboard to close it?  Not hard, God gave you those hands for a reason.

3.  When you don't throw your laundry in the hamper.  Again, Rick, it's not that hard.

4.  When you don't put the toilet seat down.  This bugs me, but it really bugs me when you have a kid and you don't put both seats down and then you find your kids playing in it.  Ugh, gross.

5.  People who talk really loudly at work.  Because I'm not working or trying to speak with someone on the phone.

6.  When I'm on the phone at work and someone comes into my office and a) stands and waits until I'm finished or b) tries to talk to me when they can clearly see I'm on the phone.  If I have the phone next to my ear, assume I'm unavailable, because I am.

7.  Double parkers.  There are lines for a reason, we all learned to color inside the lines in kindergarten and learned how to park a car when we were 16.  Your Dodge Ram is nothing special, get it in the lines.

8.  People who drive slowly in the fast lane.  Again, we all learned that you pass on the left.  You don't cruise in the fast lane at 65 mph.  And you certainly don't go less than 65 in that lane.  Get out of my way.

9.  My dog Chloe, paces.  Back and forth.  She lays by the front door then feels that's not the spot she wanted so she gets up and moves to another spot.  Just lay down, sit still.

10.  People who talk too much.  If you're noticing me only say, "Yea", "Uh huh", etc., please note you're hogging the conversation.  People who rule a conversation are not conversing, your preaching and I don't want to be preached at on a daily basis.

Oi, I know I have more, but that's a pet peeve of mine, people who complain all the time.  So I shall stop! 

What are your pet peeves?



  1. 1. Yessss how did I forget this on my list!? That's like one of my number one gross-outs. I guess I was thinking of only kid-related things.

    My other big pet peeve that happens a lot at work is lazy asses who don't change the toilet paper roll, paper towels, or cover their food in the microwave. REALLY? Is this how they act at home? Slobs.

    1. Yes!!! I always wondered what some people live like at home when they're that comfortable at work to be a slob. So gross!

  2. Totally agree with number 1 (and a lot of others). I also can't stand when my co workers don't wash their own darn dishes!!! How hard is it? Use coffee cup, wash coffee cup, rinse coffee cup, place in rack to dry.

  3. My husband also doesn't close cabinets. It drives me crazy!



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