Monday, March 11, 2013

We Survived!

We survived the time change!  I'll be honest, I was nervous but for the most part things transitioned smoothly in our house.  I will say that the first night/morning of the time change does typically change with little to no interruption to our normal schedule.  It's the next couple nights and mornings where the time change sneaks up.  Just when you think you're in the clear and you're being woken up at 5am wondering what is going on.  So fingers crossed, these next couple nights are also a non issue!

Saturday we were hungry and feeling mexican and found this place, new to us, that has an all you can eat lunch for $6.99!  Basically whatever you want, you just keep ordering and it keeps coming! I was only able to make it through a chimichanga and a quesadilla.  Plus all those chips and salsa.  I could make chips & salsa a meal.  Miss Addie is definitely her mother's daughter.

It was a gorgeous weekend in Ohio.  We finally got a hint of spring, 60 degrees on Saturday and 68 and sunny on Sunday.  Gor.geous!  Columbus is a great city in the spring/summer/fall months.  There's so much to do so we're itching to get out and experience the city!

How was your weekend?  Did the time change kick your butt?


1 comment:

  1. Yay for surviving the time change, it can be brutal sometimes.



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