Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Recipe: Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

Addie's not a huge fan of breakfast unless it's pancakes and they're covered syrup.  So I had to figure something new and fun that she would like to eat each morning but I wanted it to be healthy still.  One morning I opened the freezer and Addie noticed the popsicles, she then proceeded to ask for a popsicle for 10 minutes before I nearly had a meltdown.  Then I had an "a ha!" moment in which I thought just freeze some yogurt and she gets to eat a popsicle for breakfast and I win because it's healthy.  Not to mention easy!

It's really very simple.  Whatever fruit your child will eat or you have on hand, toss into the popsicle mold and then fill with your favorite yogurt.  We stick with vanilla yogurt and I only had blueberries on hand.

You can also drop some granola in a bowl and then dip the yogurt popsicle into the granola.

Addie loves it!  I ask her if she wants a popsicle for breakfast and she immediately shouts "yes!".  It's been awesome!  So easy, I just grab one out of the freezer and pass it off to her and can pack up our lunches and she doesn't move until she's finished it.

I found out popsicle molds at JoAnn's last year for cheap but you could also check out the selection at Zulily on sale today.


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