Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frugal Find: Kids Edition - Lowes Build & Grow!

Finding fun projects for your little ones is hard, especially when you're a working mom and most all the fun stuff happens during the week.  When I'm working.  So when I found out about the Lowe's Build & Grow events I was super excited.  Basically it's a big event for young kids to have the opportunity to go into Lowe's and create a project.  You can sign your little ones up online and it's completely FREE!

Addie had to turn in her registration paper at the desk to pick up her packet.  When the lady asked her name she said "Adlyn Gace" which means Adalyn Grace.  I love how she says her name.

She even got this cute apron & mini hammer.

The picture above is basically what happened the entire time.  Rick did most of the constructing while Addie watched all the other kids.  If you can't tell in this picture, she's actually holding the hammer, but clearly paying zero attention.

How cute is she in the apron?!

Taking a break from all that hard work.

This was the most she helped, applying the stickers to the wheels on the car.

She immediately started playing with the car and has taken it pretty much everywhere since then.

She loved it so much but more so because of the other kids she could watch.  

Not only does Lowe's have these kids workshops but Home Depot does as well and I've just found out about a kids workshop at Michael's Craft stores as well.  You can sign up for the Lowe's events here, Home Depot here, and Michael's here.  The Michael's events do charge a small fee.

If you know of any other kids workshops that are free, please let me know because we're enjoying them so much!


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