Monday, July 22, 2013

Adalyn is 2 1/2!

I can't believe my little Addie is nearly 3, in fact she's 2 1/2!  As of yesterday, Addie officially turned 2 1/2 and so much has happened since she turned 2 back in January.  You're doing a lot of talking.  It still makes me laugh that at 1 I was asking the doctor his thoughts on you not speaking much and now we can't stop you from talking.  Some of my favorite words you say are:  Tinkabell, poonsa which means spoons, ice cone which is ice cream cone and all of your dolls are baby Liam.

Stats:  Addie is coming in right around 36 inches in height and weighs about 31 pounds.  She is wearing 2T clothes and occasionally can fit into a 24 month, just depends on the item.  Her shoe size is a size 6.

Photo: Comfest

Sleep Schedule:  Sleep is still something we struggle with.  Nap time starts around 1:30 and you sleep about 2 hours.  I've been waking you at he 2 year mark so as to make sure you're not over sleeping and ruining the night sleep schedule. Yesterday you even skipped your nap which is never a good idea.  You were super cranky and whiny later in the evening so we avoid that when possible.  At night you go to bed around 8:45 and wake by 7 each morning.

Foods:  You still love cheese, any type of cheese and any form you can get your hands on, you're happy with.  Sauerkraut and hummus are still two of your more favorite items that shock me.  You love all things fruit and some veggies.  You're finally getting into meats which is a relief!

Firsts:  The only first I can think of is your first major fall in which I though we would end up in the hospital over.  You fell off of your slide and hit your head on a patio chair causing a large goose egg on the back of your head.  Very traumatic for me but all was well.  You do have a pretty hard head so I guess it makes sense.  You are officially potty trained (minus at night - we don't trust that yet)!

Favorite Toys:  Right now you're all about your water table we bought you a couple weeks ago.  The difficult thing is the weather has been so hot that it's been hard to sit outside in the heat.  It doesn't stop you at all.

The next update I give will be of your little brother coming into this world and his stats before we'll have an update on your 3rd birthday!  I can't wait to see you as a big sister!  


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