Monday, June 24, 2013

Top Baby Blogs Voting

If you're new here I want to briefly tell you about Top Baby Blogs.  Top Baby Blogs is literally a list of the top baby blogs out there voted on by the readers of those blogs.  Those in the top should be the best of the best baby blogs but in order to stay there, their readers are voting every day to keep them there.  It helps that blog continue to offer great discounts, reviews and giveaways.  For the past year we've been listed in the top 50 but have recently dropped in their most recent reset.  What I ask from my readers, both new and old, is to vote.  Daily if you can because it helps us stay ranked among the best baby blogs but also because we can bring you those great giveaways!  So, can you help us out and click the icon below to vote. Then feel free to come back every day and vote by clicking the button on the right!

Vote For Us @!


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