Friday, June 7, 2013

24 Week Bump Update

If you missed the memo, we've been on vacation all week.  We booked our trip to Myrtle Beach, SC months ago and have been counting down the days until it was time to go.  Friday was that day.  I'll follow up with an entire vacation post but for now, here's your bump update - vacation style!

Due Date? September 27th (will confirm a c-section date as we approach September)

How far along? 24 weeks

How big is baby?  About the size of a cantaloupe.  About 10.5 to 11.8" and 12.7oz to 20.8oz (over the next several weeks this number will remain about the same as the doctor is measuring at a different point)

Weight gain? +10

Maternity clothes? Yes, full on.  I do still sport some non maternity things here and there.  For the most part, I avoid buying maternity clothes when possible because they're so expensive to only wear for a short period of time.

Stretchmarks? Nothing new.

Sleep? I haven't been sleeping well at all this week but I think part of that is that I'm on vacation and the bed we're sleeping in is terrible.

Best moment this week? Sitting and watching Addie play on the beach.  She has so much fun at the ocean and is so content playing by herself and watching her imagination is so much fun.

Movement? Yes, nearly nonstop movement.  My belly is always bouncing around.

Food cravings? Nothing specific.

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs? none.

Belly button in or out? In

What I miss? Nothing really.  Addie and I shared a non-alcoholic daiquiri this week and it hit the spot!

What I am looking forward to? Being home, not the drive back but getting back home and back to our routine.

Milestones? Nothing.

Next doctor's appointment? June 14th, when I'll also be doing my glucose test.



  1. You look amazing and yay for Myrtle Beach, I miss that place.

  2. awwww, you are too cute! I love the due date! Sydney was born September 26! :-)



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