Friday, June 14, 2013

25 Week Bump Update

We're back at home on our routine schedule.  Trying to get Addie back onto her sleep schedule since last week we weren't on a routine schedule.  Busy weekend so I cannot wait for 4pm today when I'm signing off work.

Due Date? September 27th (will confirm a c-section date as we approach September)

How far along? 25 weeks

How big is baby? The baby is the size of a rutabaga (whatever that is) about 13.5" and about 1.5lbs.

Weight gain? +12

Maternity clothes? Yes, I think we even need to transition my non maternity tanks to maternity tanks.

Stretchmarks? Nothing new.

Sleep? Sleeping really well now that we're back at home in our bed.  To the point where I wake up and think I need another couple hours.  Hopefully that stays around for a while.

Best moment this week? I realize I've been listing my best moments as usually those with Addie and not so much with this kid.  I think I'll appreciate it all more once he's here.  Every day I get my hands on Addie and give hugs and kisses I love it. 

Movement? When is there not.  This kid is so active.

Food cravings? Back to Mexican.  Or a gyro.  That sounds good right now.  Wait, so does german potato salad.

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs? none.  Though it feels as if he's trying to escape.

Belly button in or out? In

What I miss? Again, nothing really.  I'm sure I'll miss alcohol again at the party on Saturday that we're planning to go to.

What I am looking forward to? Big weekend plans.  Saturday we're taking Addie to Sesame Street Live and I can't wait to see how she reacts.  We also have a party Saturday evening and Sunday is father's day.

Milestones? We did officially hit the viability point.  Though that mark is 50-80% which is a large range and still a big chance to not work out so well.  So this guy needs to stay put a bit longer.

Next doctor's appointment? Today along with the glucose test which I'm nervous about.  Fingers crossed I pass.



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    1. Thank you, I'm really trying to keep up with fashion though I might not be feeling like it!



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