Thursday, June 13, 2013

Myrtle Beach 2013

Last week we were in Myrtle Beach for vacation.  We're big time Myrtle Beach fans.  I've been nearly 10 times in my life.  I just love it.  There's a lot to do but if you want to do nothing at all except sit on the beach, you can do that too.

We drove down Friday evening and stopped midway in North Carolina.  That was a great decision.  Addie can make it in her carseat about 5 hours before meltdowns begin.  We pushed for 6 and needed that stop.  Lots of movie watching, coloring, snacks, etc to keep her entertained that long.

We checked into the hotel and ran in for a late night dinner.  This picture cracks me up.

Saturday morning we continued on from North Carolina the last 4 hours to Myrtle Beach.  When we arrived Saturday afternoon it was sunny skies so we took advantage of a couple hours at the beach.

I even managed to capture one of my bump, though it wasn't the best time of day to get a realistic shot.

This was by far the worst weather we had experienced while in Myrtle Beach.  Luckily this condo had an indoor pool so we could spend the rainy day at the pool.

We did take advantage of the nice weather though and spent a lot of time outside.  There's a great place called Barefoot Landing that has tons of shopping and food but also a nice little outdoor area for kids.

I came around the corner and Rick was about to put Addie on this trampoline contraption.  My immediate reaction was no way.  She won't do it, she'll get up there and freak out and we're out $10.  The guy was nice enough to let us put her up first to make sure she would do it before we paid so I said why not.

Shockingly, she loved it.

I still can't believe she did it.

Our friends, who met up with us for the week, wanted to do mini golf.  I was really hesitant to participate with them because of Addie's attention span.  We tried it anyway.

She did pretty good.  Made it to hole 12 before she was done so we rushed through the last 6.  Our friends decided to stay and play some more and we decided some drinks on the beach were in order.

The Cherry Grove Pier is one of our favorite places for drinks and food.  Not to mention the gorgeous view.

Random crashing happened occasionally after a long beach day.

Super cute swimsuit from Old Navy that came literally an hour before we left.

Bump shot.

On our second to last night a tropical storm came roaring in but just hours before it started we decided to enjoy the beach.

I love, love, love this picture.  Straight out of the camera, no editing.  She's gorgeous with her blonde hair, blue eyes and drool hanging from her bottom lip.

Chunky little feet in the sand.

We couldn't keep her out of the water.  She's an Aquarius so it makes sense I suppose.

She really wanted to make sure the sticks and plants being kicked up by the surf went back to the water where they came from.

Crazy skies that night.

Because of the tropical storm the weather Friday was pretty rough so we decided to skip the beach and head over to Ripley's Aquarium for the day which is located at Broadway at the Beach.  Broadway at the Beach is one of my favorite places in Myrtle Beach.  Like Barefoot Landing there is a lot to see and do.  Tons of shopping and dining.  Lots of walking so be prepared.

The girl could not get enough of those sharks.

They had a room for younger kids to play in as well.  I loved this light bright board.

Our last night was a little windy but gorgeous for pictures.

Such a great vacation and we're already planning next years trip!



  1. Myrtle Beach is one of my favorite places! We have spent so much time there in the past. :) Love your pictures and it looks like you all had a great time!

    1. If I could live closer I'd be there all the time. It's perfect!

  2. Aw, these photos are so fun! My great-aunt lives about three blocks from the oceanfront in Myrtle Beach; I loved visiting her when I was a kid!

    1. So jealous! If I could lie down there I would. It's busy but it's so nice and everyone is super friendly!



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