Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Green Power Smoothie

I've mentioned a few times that I've been working on my fitness.  I have been trying to tone up and lose weight for a while now and it's definitely been a challenge to lose weight since I turned 30.  Luckily I've stayed at about the same weight for a while and have been able to eat healthy but also splurge without having any impact on me physically.  Or at least on the outside image.  So I've gotten a bit more serious. I started 30 day shred and finished that (I owe you my results) and mid way through my 30 day shred program I decided to start running again.  I mentioned this has been the only way I've ever lost weight.  And though I hate to run, it's an awesome activity for my weight loss as well as for my internal health (read: lung capacity).

I don't eat for about 2-3 hours prior to a run because vomiting while running doesn't sound all that exciting.  So when I'm done running I need to nutrition but don't want to eat anything too heavy immediately after a run.  I'm a big fan of smoothies and this weekend made a great one with both fruits & veggies as well as protein & fiber.  It was tasty!

Green Power Smoothie
3/4 pear
3/4 banana
3/4 cup fresh spinach
handful of ice

Blend on low & immediately switch to high until smooth.  

I shared the rest of my pear & banana with Addie, but if you don't have anyone to share the leftovers with, round it all up to a full banana & pear and full cup spinach and a little more than a handful of ice.  You'll just have a little extra smoothie.  Enjoy!



  1. YUM! We need to start using our Jack LaLanne juicer again. It has been in the garage since we moved into this house.

    1. We have the Vitamix and it's the one kitchen appliance we use most. Especially for smoothies & frozen drinks!

  2. I've been interested in making a green smoothies.. definitely going to try this one!



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