Monday, November 19, 2012

Birth Order Traits

I've always been interested in birth order trait theories.  I think it's because every time I read about them I'm saying to myself, yes that's me.  Or, totally my sister or brother.  

I was the firstborn.  Firstborns are natural leaders.  Very reliable, conscientious & perfectionists.  We don't like surprises.  Typically we're aggressive though we also like to please people and are oftentimes model children and have a strong desire to be approved from whoever is in charge.  To a T this is me.  I'm a perfectionist, aggressive and do love to please people.  Growing up, I was the perfect child.  I never got into trouble, always did what was right, and waited to make sure I pleased my parents.

I also have a sister and a brother.  April is the middle child and Jason, the baby.  

April, being the middle child, is the most difficult to pin down.  Middle children often feel like the world pays them less attention, is sometimes secretive and doesn't openly share thoughts or feelings.  The read people well and are peacemakers who see all sides of the situation.  They are independent.  The piece I found most true to April, the middle child, was that they are guaranteed to be the opposite of their older sibling.  April and I could not be more different.

Jason Liebhart

Jason, is the baby.  Let me mention Jason is the baby of two babies.  Both my mom and dad were the babies in their families so we often teased that he had it really easy.  Babies are social and outgoing and the most financially irresponsible.  They're looking to have fun and want to be in the limelight.  They're often charming but can also be manipulative, spoiled or babied to their detriment.  I would say this is somewhat true to Jason.  I wouldn't call him financially irresponsible, but he's been dependent upon my parents for longer than April or I were.  Jason can be a bit reserved or relaxed and isn't as high strung as the traits make him to be.  

It's all rather interesting to me.  It's even more interesting now that I'm a parent, and understanding the characteristics of birth order.  We need to be aware of birth order traits and how we can properly parent each child different based upon those traits.

I just hope Addie is an angel to raise like I was.

What's your birth order?  Do the traits ring true?


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  1. Another first born! Looking back, I think I was too easy on my parents, maybe that's why I got away with less?



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