Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Guest Post: Best Bedtime Buys for Baby and Toddler

This is a guest post by Kira Browdy.  

Sleep is a wonderful thing and something that adults take for granted. That is, until a newborn baby comes along and deprives you of a full night sleep for at least the first few months, often longer. While a newborn child will take a few weeks for his circadian rhythm to develop, older babies and toddlers will have more of an ability to sleep through the night, giving you your much needed kip as well.

Of course, making bedtime as comfortable and cosy for the young ones will give them a better chance of sleeping soundly. While a newborn child would probably benefit from sleeping in darkness, emulating the womb and helping them to get used to the difference between night and day, a toddler may benefit from a nightlight, for example. Here are some great buys for baby and toddler to help them drift into the Land of Nod without any issues at all.

For Baby
  • A baby mobile is a great idea for babies. Whether you choose one that affixes to their cot or one that hangs from their light, a motorised one or a traditional one, having a baby mobile that is vibrant and stimulating can not only help them to soothe themselves to sleep and settle independently, but it also gives them something fabulous to gaze at when they wake up in the mornings – maybe giving you an extra few minutes peace!
  • Bedtime bath toiletries by Johnsons are a massive hit with many parents. Add a little to their bath and it will help them to relax and improve their chances of sleep in no time.
  • Grobags are also hugely popular with babies, helping babies and toddlers to remain warm and toasty without the need to swaddle their arms. Plus, there’s no risk of wriggling underneath the covers, because wherever they go, the grobag goes too!
For Toddlers
  • Bed guards are essential, in some form or another, when your toddler makes the transition from a cot to a bed. Whether you choose the traditional guards that clip onto the bed, or you opt for the funky dream tubes that you can inflate for comfort and safety, something along these lines is a great toddler bedtime buy.
  • Glow in the dark stickers that can be added to their walls and ceilings would be a perfect, and fun, way of lighting their room during the evenings. If they’re scared of the dark, these can be all they need to ensure a sound night’s sleep.
  • A traditional nightlight, whether it’s a bedside lamp or one that you plug into the wall, would be perfect to light their dark room and chase all those scary shadows away!

Kit out your child and their room with a few nifty buys and you’ll all be sleeping soundly in no time. 

Thanks Kira for providing some great tips to help the little ones sleep.  I could sure use these!

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