Friday, November 8, 2013

Baby Wearing Round Two

Having two children under 3 is challenging to say the least.  Leaving the house is near impossible.  Especially because Addie is a bolter and trying to hold a newborn and be able to move fast in case she decides to make her move, it's a lot.  So last time around I had 3 different types of baby wearing options.  I had the Ergo, the moby and this ring sling.


I'll be honest, the first time around I used each of them a handful of times and it's probably because I only had one child and the stroller worked just as easily.  This time around, for all the reasons listed above, I've gotten more use out of them.  I used the moby once with Graham and I like it, but it takes a little bit of time to get right.  With Addie tagging along, it's really not the best option for us.  

The Ergo has gotten the most use thus far. It's really easy just to pop it on and go which is probably why we're getting the most use out of it. In fact, Rick rocked the Ergo at IKEA this weekend.  It was heaven to have him wear it and let me run around and do the shopping.  I love the Ergo.

Lastly, the ring sling pictured above is one that I used last week around the house because Graham just would not sleep.  He loved it and immediately passed out.  He slept in that for 2.5 hours!

Baby wearing is such a great alternative to strollers and is especially helpful when you're out at a festival where strollers might be more difficult to manage.  Do you have another option you like?  I'd love to hear about it.


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