Monday, December 2, 2013

Thankful for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I countdown to Thanksgiving like a lot of people countdown to Christmas.  All the food you get to eat and all the leftovers, scrambling to search through the black Friday ads and make a Christmas list, and then black Friday shopping has always been a tradition.  The past several years I haven't been doing any black Friday shopping because I didn't really need anything from those deals for anyone.  I'm sure as Addie & Graham get older we'll be doing those early morning trips.

Even being my favorite holiday, I do the same thing I forget each holiday.  I forget to take pictures.  It's sad.  I'm making it my goal each holiday moving forward to capture one family photo and one photo of the kids.

We're also planning to bring out the Elf on a Shelf but I haven't decided how much I want to put into it.  I think Addie is still too young to get it completely so I don't want to waste any good ideas just yet.  I think we'll wait until next weekend to start it and we'll keep it simple by moving him around the house.  No crazy shenanigans just yet.  We did bust out the Christmas tree and Graham is mesmerized!

I love this picture.  He stared at the tree for nearly 30 minutes.  That's a record!  Such a nice weekend, I did a lot of shopping but still have about half to go.  How was your Thanksgiving?  Score any good deals?


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