Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Graham's Newborn Photos

I just realized I never shared Graham's newborn photos with you.  Let me be really honest here, the photographer we used was referred to us by a friend.  I checked out their photos and really loved the style and quality of her work so I figured I'd give her a shot.  She's just getting into professional photography as more than a hobby so she was offering a great rate for a cd full of images.  I won't be doing that again.  It wasn't a good experience, I found her to be very unprofessional.  It took me 8 weeks to get my photos back and about 3 of those were her sitting on the photos not sending them out.  It's unfortunate because I think for the most part her work was really nice.  Professionalism sucks and that's what will bite you in the end.

Enough with that negativity, enjoy my beautiful babe.

My sweet Addie and her baby blues.

This picture captures her personality so well.

Such a sweet little baby.  Hard to believe he screamed through 95% of the time we were there.  



  1. The pictures turned out great! Such cute kiddos!

  2. Simply beautiful!



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