Monday, May 14, 2012

A Summertime Drink

I love summer.  I'm a Leo meaning I was born in the hottest time of the year, August.  I love everything about summer, the sun, the heat, the water, so this is my time to shine.  Something I love as much as summer is a cool summer drink.  We all know a mojito or pina colada are classic summertime drinks but what about a drink in the morning.  I also love coffee but who really wants to drink a hot cup of coffee when it's 90 degrees and blazing?  You might, I don't.  I love cool coffee drinks.  Starbucks makes a lot of money off of me in the summer.  Remember this post?

The nerdy side of me has been concocting some science experiments to find the perfect cool coffee drink. I think I've found a good replacement when wanting a taste of coffee without the expense of sweating at 7am.  It's incredibly easy and really tasty!

Here's what you'll need:
Ice cube tray (your choice, I chose to use one from Ikea with a funky star design)
Brewed coffee to your desired strength
Milk (nonfat, whole, again your choice)
Sugar (or some substitute)
Caramel (optional)

Brew your coffee as you like then slowly pour into an iced cube tray.  Freeze for a couple hours until set.

Then, remove the amount of cubes you want and place in a glass.  Remember the more cubes you put in the stronger your drink.  Add your choice of milk.  I used whole the first time and nonfat the second. I prefer a mix of the two for best taste.  Add sugar or your sugar substitute to taste.  

I also added caramel sauce for a bit more flavoring.  Let the cubes melt down a bit until the flavor is incorporated.  Enjoy!


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