Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gourmet Candy Apples

Each year, a week before Christmas I attend a gourmet candy apple making event with my BFF and her family.  It's become a huge tradition that I cannot wait to involve Adders in next year.  This is what you can expect once all the madness is over:

Sunday was the event and oh how I look forward to this every year.  You know the apples you see in the mall that look so heavenly?  The ones covered in caramel, chocolate of every variety, as well as many other tasty toppings.  That's what we do every year and then some of my nearest and dearest are lucky enough to taste these tasty apples every year.

Here's the crew (minus a few)
We start around 9:30 Sunday morning by getting the apples out and making sure any damaged aren't used.  We then pound sticks into the apples and start dipping into caramel.  The caramel apples are then passed onto someone with a free hand who holds the apples until they're cool enough to sit down.  After the apples cool completely you have to reform as some caramel pulls off the apple.  

Then, it's time to decorate.  We usually start by dipping into milk chocolate, adding any toppings and then drizzling dark chocolate, white chocolate, mint chocolate and even more milk chocolate.

The best part is that I get to eat these for a solid week.  Yes, I will have gained a pound or five but it's so worth it!

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