Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Adalyn Month Eleven

First let me apologize for the delay in your monthly update.  It's been a busy month with Christmas and other parties we had to prepare for.  On Wednesday the 21st you turned 11 months old and it's been a big month for you!  Just a couple days after you turned 11 months we began celebrating Christmas with family and friends.  It was fun to watch you with all the presents, but that's for next month so let me stop there and instead continue with your eleven month info.

Stats:  We haven't been to the doctors office since your nine month well check so I'm not exactly sure on your measurements though I believe you've grown in height.  I think your weight has remained pretty close to the same so you're probably hovering right around 22 pounds.  You're still wearing 9 month clothes though you're getting close to the 12 monthers.

Sleep Schedule:  Well I guess we can say you're pretty consistent in this area.  You sleep about 6 hours, nurse and then sleep another 2-3.  For a couple days a few weeks back you had regressed to 2-3 hours at night but I think I know why (more on that later).  You followed up those few days of newborn sleep with a couple days of 8 hour straight sleeping!  Of course you got my hopes up only for you to return to 6 hours.  You'll get there!

Foods:  Last month we talked about how you started to self wean and eliminated a feeding.  Some days you eliminate a second and seem to be okay with that.  I also mentioned last month I eliminated a pump session at work.  That was bad news as my supply tanked.  I had to incorporate that session back into my schedule but the plan is to eliminate that one again after the first of the year!  You're still eating just about everything like a champ though we joke you're a vegetarian since you don't seem to like meat (we're thinking it's the consistency).  You still haven't quite figured out the sippy cup.  We'll try doing a small amount of my milk in it to see if that helps.

Firsts:  As I mentioned earlier, this month was a big one for you!  You celebrated mommy's favorite holiday, Thanksgiving and ate all the yummy food like a champ.  You experienced your first huge family encounter which was exhausting for me.  Next year it should be easier!  You became so well at cruising around the house that you took 2 steps on Saturday, December 10th!  Each day after you seem to add another step so you can now take about 10 steps comfortably.  You still prefer to crawl or cruise to get around the house but I think in a couple weeks you'll really be walking!  You still love clapping.  In fact, when we say 'yay!' you clap your hands!  You've started to wave bye, though it takes you a while to get your hand moving.

Favorite Toys:  Your favorite toys still seem to be random objects around the house.  You really love to carry your socks around the house.  In fact, this is how you typically walk; with a sock in each hand.  You love the Fisher Price Topzy Tumblers.  They're like weeble wobbles.  They have a weight in them which rocks back and forth when you move your hand.  You like to bang them together. 

You still love to dance.  One of the things I love so much about you is that no matter what's going on around you, if you hear a beat you sway or bounce to it.  It doesn't matter what type of music though you really love to dance to LMFAO.  You still only have 2 bottom teeth though it seems as if you always have your fingers in your mouth. 

In less than a month we'll be celebrating your first birthday.  I cannot believe how fast a year has past.  At the same time it seems like so long ago that you were a third of the size you are now.



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