Friday, September 20, 2013

39 Week Bump Update

This is it!  Today is the day we'll be meeting our little guy and I can't be more excited and nervous!  I'm officially on the countdown, no food or drink for 8 hours prior to surgery which is scheduled for this afternoon.  In order to distract me, Addie and I will be doing a mommy and me mani/pedi session this morning and then Rick and I will be dropping her off at his parents for the afternoon. 

Due Date? Today!

How far along? 39 weeks

How big is baby? The baby is the size of a small watermelon about 20" and about 7.2lbs.  *Note:  Based on him measuring about 2 weeks ahead of schedule, he's probably more like 8.2lbs.

Weight gain? +31

What's going on with baby?  He's able to flex his limbs at this point and his fingernails may extend past his fingertips.

Stretchmarks? Yes.

Sleep? When I can sleep, it's deep but I've been getting insomnia again and I'm sure it's because I'm stressing.

Best moment this week? Getting the house organized, rearranged, cleaned and prepped for his arrival.  Super busy weekend!

Movement? Still pretty active considering his size.

Food cravings? Back to nothing in particular.  Except maybe donuts, donuts always sound good.  And french maybe I am craving some things.

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs? Just cramping & contractions.  Fourth cervix check on Wednesday showed zero progress.  

Belly button in or out? In.

What I miss? Being able to see my belly button.  I don't remember losing sight of it last time around.

What I am looking forward to? About 4:30 this afternoon when surgery is done and I'm in recovery!  And no more heartburn, oi this heartburn.

Milestones? Delivery day!

Next doctor's appointment? None!  We're done!  Technically a 6 week check up but the next doctor's appointment will be for the little guy!


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