Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Other Family Member: Chloe

Back when I started this blog, I introduced each of the members of our family.  You've heard a lot since then about Rick, Addie, and me but you haven't heard a whole lot about Chloe.  She's our 9 year old chocolate Labrador retriever who is the best dog I've ever seen.  Yes, she's ours so of course I would say this but really she is.

When she was a puppy I made sure she had the proper obedience training she needed and continued to keep up with those lessons through the years.  It's made her a great dog to have around Addie and any other children.  I can say with absolute certainty I don't ever have to worry about Chloe playing with kids.  Addie loves her!

Being such an important member of our family, we make sure she eats the best dog food especially since she's now considered a senior dog.  With her old age we especially want to make sure the food she is eating is good for her dental health.  We found a great brand in Eukanuba that offers us both of these.  Did you know that up to 85% of dogs have serious tartar build-up by the age of three?

We tried out the Eukanuba 3D DentaDefense and Chloe loved it.  She's usually the type of dog who isn't really excited about eating but since trying out Eukanuba, she's running to her bowl when Addie pours a scope each day.  I can't wait to take her into the vet to hear the changes in her dental health first hand.


PS. Though I received Eukanuba for free as a BzzAgent, all opinions are mine.

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