Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baking with Addie

Addie is slowly approaching the age where she's using her imagination.  She likes to play with her tea set and feed her babies and it's so neat to see her brain working.  One day she doesn't understand and is really frustrated and the next it just works for her.  She's also excited about small chores, feed the dog, throw something in the trash, help in the kitchen.  I thought Addie was still a little young for any Christmas cookies this year and I still think there are a few things she's not ready for (ie, icing Christmas cookies can wait until next year) but when I started pulling out ingredients for my favorite Christmas cookies, Addie pushed a chair over to help out.


So I told her to climb up on the chair and put on her apron to keep her clothes free of flour.


I couldn't not let her help out, though she did slow me down a bit.  She was so excited to pour in the flour or help mix up the batter.


I even let her have one lick off the spoon.

It was so much fun with her helping out and next year will be so much fun when I can set her up with a rolling pin to make her own cut out cookies and ice them herself!


1 comment:

  1. How cute is she?! I love it. :) A budding baker you have.



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